Please join us on Saturday the 26th of August 2017 as we celebrate our wedding.

We've finally decided to get married, and if you're reading this it is quite likely that we'd like you to be there with us on our big day. First thing we have to do is apologise for the late notice, we know that we aren't giving you that long, but it's a month or so and we're hoping thats enough. We've waited because we had our hearts set on getting married on our own land and now we've got our planning through we can do that. We're doing it quickly(ish) because Mark's grandmother has flown over from South Africa and it's important for her to be with us. 

We've put this website together rather than traditional invitations because postage to some of the parts of the world where we've picked up friends just doesn't happen. So, forgive us the fancy invitations. 

Our day wont be a full on formal affair, it's on a field for starters, and I know we have to clear up the horrible question of what to wear. We won't be insisting on toppers and tails but we don't want you to turn up in jeans and T-shirts. I would say the dreaded words smart casual and if you can sling a tie over some chinos and not look like Jeremy Clarkson then crack on. 

The day itself will start with our service, this will be under Mark's favourite oak tree at 3pm, so please be there by around 14:30. After the service we will carry straight on with drinks and food at the reception. 

We know that some of you live at the bottom end of Africa and not many of you live near us so, as we own a pretty nice patch of Wales we thought (well, it was Sam's idea actually, but I'll steal it)  that we will have a camping area. So we've decided to start our first and only annual wedding camping weekend. Our wedding is on a bank holiday weekend so please come and make a weekend of it. There's plenty to do round here, more than enough for a long weekend; if anyone needs inspiration we're more than happy to help. On the Friday night we'll be lighting a fire in the camping area and sitting down with some beers and a BBQ for about 20:30. If you'd like to join us that would be great. 

Anyway, we've put this website together so please have a read through let us know if there are glaring errors but more importantly please, if you can, come and join us. 


Our Story

We met many years ago at a political rally in Cape Town. Very typically Mark! We fell in and out of contact over the years but things finally fell into place for us and we moved in together nearly five years ago. In 2014 on a moonlit beach in Mauritius, (whilst Andy was attempting to watch fruit bats) Mark proposed. Since then life has thrown a few things our way to deal with as you know. We've waited as it was important to us for us to be married on our own land. Now we are hurrying because Mark's grandmother is flying to the UK for her first ever overseas trip and we'd love her to be there.


Our Venue

Our marriage will be on our own fields in rural Monmouthshire.  Our day won't be fancy, it won't be all frills and flowers. It'll be in a marquee on a field , but it'll be our field and the day will be very us.

As we have all these amazing fields we've decided to set aside the area by the stream to host Mark and Andy's wedding festival camping weekend.  Bring a tent, come down on Friday and stay the weekend. We'll have a BBQ on Friday evening by the stream and will be trying to start our big day with at least a small hangover. 


Our Day

It's our big day, so we're doing it our way. Its in our field, as you will have gathered by now, so it won't be fancy but it will be us. Think village fête rather than footballer's wives. There will be a marquee and the service itself will be under our favourite oak tree. The food will be a Welsh lamb spitroast, and yes, we will expect you to serve yourself, but there will be lots of local beer and cider and Pimms to wash it down with and an ice cream van to finish. 


When you arrive


There will be sign posts on the road showing which field to go to. After you've parked it's a short walk through the fields to the small meadow where we are getting married. We are warning you, if it's raining this could be wet, please feel free to polish your wellies and wear them to the marquee, you can change to less rubbery footwear when you are there. Welcome drinks followed by our service.

Our Wedding will be  under our favourite oak tree on our fields.

A little warning again, we know we've said this a lot, if it's raining you will need wellies  





Our Reception will follow on from the wedding service. We aren't going anywhere else. So please bring something warmer to put around your shoulders for the evening or leave something in your car.

We will have a lamb spit roast, ice cream van and yes you will be serving yourselves. In the evening we will have a band and lots of local beer and cider to help yourselves to.